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Chemistrie | Eyeware That Clicks


Comfort, Style and Low Maintenance In Click On, Clip On Sunglasses

Invented by a lifelong optician with over 15 years of bench experience, Chemistrie Sunlenses change everything you thought about clip-on eyewear because they change the way clip-on’s work, forever.

Chemistrie Sunlenses click directly onto the primary pair of lenses using virtually invisible built-in lens magnets–2mm accent magnets strategically embedded within the periphery of the lens surfaces.

Since each click on sunlens product is custom-created to match the base curve of the original prescription, the end result is a 100% UV-protected, polarized “clip-on” sunlens that clicks seamlessly onto the surface of the primary pair, keeping out aberrant sunlight, wind, and dust. That also means Chemistrie Sunlenses can be themselves (with magnets) as the point of attachment.

No matter what the frame or base prescription. Chemistrie Sunlenses are a whole new way of looking at detachable sunlenses. Because your patients are no longer chained to bulky frames, prongs, hooks or browbars, you can virtually eliminate repeated time-consuming adjustments and complaints about scratched frames or “heavy-feeling” lenses.

Chemistrie Sunlenses are:

  • Custom-created per patient order to match the base curve of the original prescription
  • Manufactured to fit virtually any frame style or lense type, including the most popular lens substrates*
  • Lightweight, stylish and comfortable–base curve matching creates seamless “sunglasses” look
  • Separated no greater than 1mm from prescription lens to Chemistrie Sunlens
  • Precision tooled so grooved magnets won’t separate from prescription lenses or Chemistrie Sunlenses
  • Made with 100% titanium bridges in three colors and three sizes for accurate matching
  • All detachable lenses manufactured as polarized sunlenses for cutting glare and increasing visual acuity
  • 100% UV protected from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB radiation
  • Virtually transparent to the frame design–patient's high-end frames become high-end sunglasses
  • Made in a variety of colors and styles, and feature optional, decorative Swarovski crystal accents
  • A truly advanced alternative to bendy, bulky, adjustment-prone clip-on sunlenses

* Chemistrie Sunlenses are manufactured for all lens materials except glass or acrylic. Click 'em on, click 'em off, they really are that simple - at a price that benefits your practice while saving your patients time and money.

Chemistrie Sunlenses come equipped with the tools you need to be successful

Point of Purchase Displays:
All kits include a burl wood or acrylic display that showcases the 16 different lens options. The viewmaster with lens color wheel allows you to test each color in all lighting conditions.


Clip Colors and CrystalsLense Color:
16 individually-labeled sample lens colors.


Crystal Wheel:
The wheel lets patients see and feel the 12 different crystal accessories available.

Bridge and Magnet Options:
Our lenses have 4 bridge color and size choices as well as 3 magnet colors in circle or square shapes.